Introduction (Dedicated to BIRD Chasers )

CHARLIE PARKER'S MUSIC is magical music. It is irresistible music. Listen to it once and you will never stop.
His music sometimes begins to flow into your head, suddenly, during daily life. Once this happens, his music will sound in your head for good.


You just can't stop it.
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BIRD Smiles

If you start to collect Charlie Parker's music, your economic condition will worsen.

You will often come across poor sound quality in these sources, but may you can't stop yourself from buying them anyway because you are looking for something special in them (and you always find it).

Session data for Bird's work is often inaccurate or missing entirely. So it sometimes happens that you buy something thinking it's "new," and then it turns out the material is on a source you already own. Common people will regret this.
But if you have a true crush on PARKER'S MUSIC you will make the purchase and be happy, if only because an "alternate take" is included, or "tunes are presented chronologically," or "the recording pace is different from other takes (!).

This site was created as an oasis for BIRD chasers fascinated with Charlie Parker. Here we will support the activities of Chasin' the Bird of Vision.


Special Thanks to Paul Okami san

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