Session 6
DIAL / Studio recording

Primary CD
TOSHIBA EMI "The Complete Dial Recordings"
December 17, 1947
(as )C.P.
(tp )Miles Davis
( P )Duke Jordan
( b )Tommy Potter
(ds )Max Roach

  1. Drifting on a Reed (+ 2 takes)
  2. Quasimodo (+ 1 takes)
  3. Charlie's Wig (+ 2 takes)
  4. Bongo Beep (+ 1 takes)
  5. Crazeology (+ 3 takes)
  6. How Deep is the Ocean (+ 1 takes)

DIAL session, When I listened to jazz first time, I rented Charlie Parker CDs at the CD rental store. These CDs are "CHARLIE PARKER STORY ON DIAL Vol.1,2"(TOSHIBA EMI).
I remember I listened to it over and over. My first impression on it was "These are low sound quality." But later I found it that Dial session was one of the most high quarity Bird's sources... For that JAZZ inspired HARD BOP for me in those days, I felt Parker's sources corny.
Even so, I enjoyed swingin' on the music.

At this late date, I think that...
I could not see the value of this music.
I could not see the consequence of the fact that the absolutely valuable sound was given off ad infinitum.

"Crazeology". I feel Parker's will in this source that he would give us the energy of the music to the fullest.

Jul. 14, 1999 Yoichi

Permission granted by Doris Parker under license
by CMG Worldwide Inc. USA

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